2020 Resolutions

So we are now almost at the end of January which is the time when most New Years Resolutions can falter. One of many reasons which may bring your new training programme to an abrupt end is injury. Here are a few physio tips to help prevent this:

If you have started running bear in mind the 10% rule. Don’t increase the amount of training you are doing by anymore than 10% one week to the next.

Incorporate strength work/conditioning exercises into your training programme. The older we get the more important this becomes.

Avoid just working the ‘mirror muscles’ eg if your on the bench press working your pecs don’t forget the muscles at the back of your shoulders.

Put healthy fuel in your engine. Try not to use exercise as an excuse to eat more cake!

Sleep is really important. If you average 6hrs sleep per night for a week then your brain functions like someone who is over the limit.

These points will be covered in greater detail in future posts.