• “Georgina Taft has been my sports physiotherapist for 15 years.  As a competitive multi-sport athlete I have needed to rely on her assistance and expertise on a number of occasions.  When I was competing at an elite level I found that Georgina's professionalism and diagnostic abilities were invaluable.  Her treatments are always extremely effective and successful, resulting in a minimal amount of training time lost due to injury.

    Prior to the Arch to Arc Ultra Triathlon in 2015 I sustained an overuse injury to my hamstring tendon.  I am confident that without Georgina's expertise I would not have been able to even complete the first stage of the event, an 87 mile run, let alone achieve a record time.  

    My husband is a marathon swimmer who currently holds the record for swimming around Manhattan Island.  He also receives treatments from Georgina, and her excellent advice regarding rehabilitation exercises for his shoulder problem keeps him supple and injury free.

    I think I have found Georgina's advice even more invaluable in recent years now that I am an veteran athlete.  A couple of years ago Georgina recommended that I added a more significant strength and conditioning element to my training programme, as this would help me to stay as injury free as possible.  She referred me on to a S&C specialist and I have seen really good improvements in my overall strength as a result of this extra training.  This is not something I would have considered without Georgina's advice and I know that it is keeping me strong and lessening the chances of injury as I get older.”

    Victoria Wilkinson, Director of Sport – The Cheltenham Ladies’ College

  • Georgina has looked after my foot and ankle patients for over five years.  She has always provided the highest standards of care with both great diagnostic accuracy and concern for the patient’s well being and improvement.

    I am sure that the Cotswold Foot and Ankle Clinic will continue referring our patients for many years to come.

    Rick Brown Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Cheltenham Nuffield

  • “Overweight, unfit and approaching 50 I, in a moment of madness signed up to do the London Marathon with my wife! I gradually started running. First problem manifest itself as back problems – and the discovery of bulging discs. I had two sessions with Georgina and not only was the problem resolved, but the sciatica which I had had for years also disappeared.

    As the training was stepped up, I suffered continual calf strains. Often very painful and soul destroying it felt like the dream of completing the race was dwindling fast as I fell behind the training plan. Throughout this, Georgina was so supportive, kept me believing that I could still do it and advising me of how I could vary the training to accommodate the injuries. She was truly amazing and I am sure that I would never have completed the race without her.

    This pales into insignificance with the problems that Jane suffered! After the birth of our fourth child Jane suffered with a CSF leak (A leak of spinal fluid into the body) as a result of an epidural. Georgina systematically identified all of the areas damaged, some in quite bizarre places, and set about resolving them. Jane now has full movement and it feels like a plaster cast has been shattered off. It is hard to put into words how ill my wife was, suffering pins and needles, loss of feeling and sensation and debilitating headaches – all of which can only be described as fully cured through the range of treatments that Georgina so expertly carries out.

    We could not recommend her more highly both on a professional results basis or as someone who has genuine belief that they can and will help you.”

    Jane & Mark Shorting, Cheltenham

  • “Having visited several physiotherapists to no avail due to a persistently painful back and groin, I am extremely grateful to George who has greatly eased my suffering and allowed me to continue with my normal sporting activities. Not only that, she has helped me to diagnose the cause of the problem and has given me a light at the end of the tunnel. George is professional, approachable and experienced. Highly recommended!”

    Mike, Cheltenham

  • “Georgina identified a running injury that I had suffered with for over twenty years. After my second treatment she had relieved all the pain and I was able to run again with no awful repercussions. She is brilliant! Thank you!”

    Fiona, Cheltenham

  • “In 2011, I I had entered the Stratford Marathon and by the end of January my calf muscles were so tight that I could only run a mile before the pain forced me to stop. Three sessions with Georgina not only resolved the issues but educated me on how to keep injury free through my remaining training and the race itself. Ten weeks from seeing her, for the first time, I crossed the finish line in 3 hrs 48 minutes (not bad for a bald, fat & slow bloke!), without George’s help I wouldn’t have bothered starting.”

    Adrian, Cheltenham

  • “I originally contacted Georgina Taft through a referral by my GP who told me ‘Georgina is the very best physiotherapist I have ever come across’. He turned out to be 100% correct! When I first saw Georgina, my right leg was so painful that I could not walk properly. She identified that the pain was originating in my back. After only one session, I was vastly improved and could walk normally with very little pain. I continued to see Georgina who felt that I would benefit by seeing a spinal consultant. The consultant did a facet joint injection which really helped to improve my condition. Although I have degeneration in my spine, periodic sessions with Georgina enable me to live a normal life. I have no hesitation in recommending Georgina Taft in the hope that others may benefit from her expertise as I have.

    Caroline, Cheltenham

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